Something special…

Sometimes we designers need to let our creativity run wild. It is quite a mandatory to let our brains to release craziness once in a while.

Therefore this is the first design from that specialness.

Right now it’s a foam mockup, proving that our concept works. Then it’s time to go with real materials.

Someone has asked us how did we create all our designs? We start from the sketches, sometimes on paper, sometimes on phone.

After we are satisfied with our sketches, we make some mockups in paper, faux leather or foamboard to see the design in life-size. This stage is quite important to test the usability and make sure this bag is good-looking.

Then we make the sample bag in real material, pick the leather, choose the color, match the lining, and here comes the final design!

We test the sample bag extensively to make sure it works perfectly as our intention. If everything checks, the design will go into production and reach your hands.

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